How to make some thousands km with worn out axles

How to make some thousands km with worn out axles, temporary measures

Everyone has ever faced the situation when small problems turn into big ones. For example one may plan some small running repair with budget of 100$, but then it may turn out that there are other problems as well and that will finally cost over 300$. Sometimes it comes fully unexpectedly, when one may lack time and money. For example when one may need the replacement of the needle bearings.

You might buy the bearings and then drive to the service station for their replacement. But you may get a nasty shock coming to you — wear of the rear beam axles, or even worse, wear of the rear beam arm. The restoration of the rear beam (replacement of axles, pins) is usually done when the beam is demounted — that is much more expensive and long than the simple replacement of the needle bearing. Another problem would be buying pins, axles of the rear beam. More information about it — in the article How to buy qualified axles, pins of the rear beam of Peugeot, Citroen, Samand.

One way out might be some temporary measures helping to delay long and costly repair. Temporary measures will help you to prepare carefully — find time, right service station and money; buy pins, rear beam axles, and, which is even more important — consult with somebody.

If you faced some unexpected problem with the rear beam of Peugeot, Citroen, Samand, but you can`t demount rear beam pins or axles, the temporary measure would use polyamide or bronze bushes instead of needle bearings. These bushes are cheaper and the soft polyamide won't damage the arm matching site.

More about polyamide and bronze bushes — in the article Rear beam bushes.

That will of course influence the running characteristics — the rear axle will become harder and noisier, but that is only temporary.