Repair of the rear beam

Problem, construction and repair of the rear beam

Many owners of Peugeot 206, 405, 306, Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Xsara, Samand, Lifan face the problem repair of the rear beam. It is usually done too late, because of the fact, that the rear beam damage isn`t explicit while vehicle operation. The only visual sign of the problem would be the reverse camber of the back wheels.

The diagnostics of the problem may be difficult when experience lacks. When there is a problem, looseness between the rear beam tube and leaver, on which the hub and wheel are placed, appears. To find the looseness in this unit you need to hang the wheel and try to shake the lever in the place, where it is connected with the beam. The difficult thing is to apportion the efforts and direction correctly.

needle bearing

The "considerate" French cars don`t bother their owners with noise and don`t signalize about the damage of pins. They keep working until they factually build a triangle form. In some cases the rear beams of Peugeot 206 were seen, in which the highest point of the wheel touched the car body. Some car owners only notice the problem, when the car body is worn by the wheel.

The rear beam of Peugeot Partner or Citroen Berlingo should be repaired more often, than the sedan one, because it`s usually overloaded. If you hesitate, you should ask the owners of Peugeot 405.

The lever waves on the needle bearings of the rear beam, so is the construction made. There are two needle bearings from each side: the inner (closer to center) and the outer (on the pin range). These bearings are extremely small, have thin needle rollers and no inner race – rollers move on the shaft (axle, pin) surface. They are often replaced too late.

The lever has a matching site, in which the needle bearing is pressed. The lever is placed on the rear beam shaft together with the bearing. The bearing "runs" on the pin, placed on the lever, helping the lever to move on the rear beam. The lever flexibility is supported with torsions and stabilizer.

The classical torsion suspension, rear beam of Peugeot 405 is characterized be the compact construction, softness and stability. It makes driving on it more comfortable. But comfort is to be paid for.

The pins are pressed in the beam bracket and you are to demount the beam and torsions for their replacement. For repressing pins experience and special tools are needed. Reed more about the problem with pins (shafts and axles). The first thing of the rear beam repair is buying and replacing the pins. In some cases this procedure will do. It is worse, when the lever replacement is needed, but it happens rarely. Read more about the repair of the rear beam levers of Peugeot, Citroen, Samand.