Protection of the needle bearing rear beam stuffing box

Protection of the needle bearing stuffing box

In the most cases problems of the rear beam of Citroen, Peugeot, Samand are caused with moisture getting there – arm, pin, needle bearing (find more information about the unit's problem in the article Problem and construction of the unit: Rear beam arm). The surface of the pin (shaft, axle) has nigh hardness of 60 HRC - 65 HRC, but it doesn`t save from corrosion.

needle bearing

The similar situation (well known for the specialists in the sphere of car suspension): ball bearing can serve long, if dust cap was not damaged.

The same way as the ball bearing life depends on the dust cap condition, the rear beam life depends on the moisture proofness of the unit.

Inspecting the needle bearings of the Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo rear beam you can see that the one, placed nearer to the range, has a covered butt. The other one, placed nearer to the centre has a stuffing box. Both of them build a closed system, which prevents the water from getting into the unit.

In spite of the fact, that the construction is closed, the water still can get there, and measures, preventing that, are necessary. The most efficient measure of solving the problem is preventing it.

The stuffing box may break down and start leaking. The reasons of this might be the low location of the stuffing box and no protection of dust, water, salt, temperature differences.

One solution can be additional protection of the stuffing box of the inner needle bearing. One may cut out a gasket from a felt, imbue it with the lubricant and fit it from the side of the stuffing box – such a gasket may protect a rear beam and prevent from its problem.

For this measure to be more efficient one must protect the gasket from its looseness, shift and sealant. The gasket must bear against the surfaces, its thickness must fill the gap between the bearing and the beam bracket exactly, being not too thick, in order not to pressure the stuffing box.

The lubricant (for example, grease) may be water-repellent, prevent from salt, dust getting to the stuffing box, axle or rear beam arm.